Sticky Sticks 500 Count Self Adhesive Craft Stick Bulk Box


Sticky Sticks are self-adhesive jumbo sized craft sticks perfect for finishing any project that needs a stick handle. Fans, puppets, visual aids, sports cheering signs and many other creations can be made quickly and easily with our new Sticky Sticks. Invented by a busy mom of five boys, these are the answer to many messy and time-consuming disasters. The special adhesive on these sticks will adhere firmly to paper, lamination film, wood, fabric, ribbon and many other things. They won’t stick firmly to skin and are non-toxic. Find Sticky Sticks in packages of 25 sticks and in bulk project boxes of 500 sticks. Have fun with this great product.


  • 500 Self-Adhesive craft sticks
  • Adhere firmly to most materials, Fun for Kids, Great for Teachers, Wonderful for advertising hand fans and cheering signs
  • Use them to build structures
  • Finish your projects without a soggy glue mess
  • Jumbo Sized


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